Disposable toilet seat cover for total protection on the move while using the public toilets, in trains, hotels, offices and so on.

Soft fluffy cotton top layer.

Water proof blue bottom layer.

Easy to carry anywhere anytime.

Train Travel

Protect yourself when you take a long journey by train; especially when you use the public restroom. Don’t worry.

Flight travel

Use of restroom facility used by innumerable co-passengers during long-distance flights is unavoidable. Stay safe use TRUE CARE.

Public Rest Room

Use TRUE CARE Personal Kit with Disposable Waterproof Toilet Seat Cover for any public restroom. It provides a sanitary barrier between you and the dirty toilet seat.

Hospital Stays

People with low immunity are prone to get infected. The hospital is one such place with houses people with various infection.

Working at Office

Hygiene is an issue which impacts employee satisfaction and overall competency resulting in a profound impact on the positive image of the organization.

Use TRUE CARE Personal Kit with Water Proof Disposable toilet seat cover.

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Our products

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  • Recently my sister got married and we have to travel to participate in the wedding. Only TRUE CARE kept us going. It helped us to have a stress free travel and stay. I purchased in bulk plastic cover for toilet seat; so we had enough all through the journey.
    Venicia David
    Creative Head
  • Because of my profession, I had to go to the office every day. My wife got very concerned about my safety until we bumped into the product TRUE CARE. It has waterproof disposable Potty Seat cover and all other essential product for my safety
    Jerin Joy
    Director - Marketing
  • Recently my mother got sick and I have to admit her in the hospital. At that time my friend introduced me to TRUE CARE. It was a real game-changer as it had a water proof Disposable commode seat cover and it gave us a stress-free stay at the Hospital.
    sylvia Charles
    E Branding Ads
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